Writing Groups & Story Circles for Seniors

Melissa’s writing groups are sometimes thought of as a « Story Circle, » for they are open to anyone who wants to listen to or share a story, whether or not he or she is physically able to write

Sessions consist of three parts :

  1. the presentation of a short piece of writing, discussion of its content and / or qualities
  2. the sharing of participants’ written or oral stories
  3. the presentation of three story-starting ideas for participants to work on until the next session

Sessions are usually held biweekly.  

The goal of the programmes is to help participants share and preserve their stories.  Nonetheless, Melissa encourages and challenges participants to experiment with different forms and techniques of writing.  As a result, a ninety year old retired chemistry teacher tried his hand at science fiction, a centenarian took a break from writing his memoirs to describe the sunset out his bedroom window, and a Chinese immigrant had her poem included in Edmonton Transit System’s “Take the Poetry Route.”

“Since joining the Writing Group, my outlook on writing has changed completely. Before, it was

a method of recording facts and conveying information, but now I see it differently. I can go

into the past and record things that have long been forgotten. These facts can be recorded on

paper, and were they not so written, they would be lost forever when I die. Also, quite often as

I write, the facts I am recording stir up memories of related information so that the finished

article contains much more data than I had in mind when I started. It is also satisfying to know

that knowledge gained in the past may be passed on and used by generations in the future.”


“Thank you for allowing me to try this and start to build my file of my life story for my family far away.”


“This just brings [my childhood] back over and over. And I just love it.”


“This group is like a telescope – one story or memory slips inside the other.”


“Hi Melissa. I know Mum really enjoyed your writing group. A wonderful activity. Thanks.”


For more information or to enquire about fees and availability contact Melissa.

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