A Most Beautiful Deception

 A Most Beautiful Deception




From the Cover

Front Flap: Melissa Morelli Lacroix explores the love and longing, loss and pain, grief and healing found in the music of Frédéric Chopin, Clara Schumann, and Claude Debussy in a series of poetic cycles that respond to each composer’s work. Lacroix writes with her ear finely tuned to the music of death and decay, to the harmonies and discords of music, nature, and human desire. Always, in A Most Beautiful Deception, we find the chords of love and devotion being torn apart by the deterioration of the body. Lacroix uses her research into the composers’ lives to add layers and nuance, thus creating a complex triangle between the reader, the music, and the poet. Woven almost imperceptibly into these accounts of three composers and their respective fights against the degeneration of the body and the mind, lies the thread of the poet’s own relationships and loss.

Back Cover:
Chopin floats from the radio
a melodic fragrance for you pulsating with every breath
of your machine
it’s beautiful this deception of harmony
of nature and science
of flowers that release their scent
with the voices of fairies
sighing under silver bells
to die this way
you whisper
is welcomed
— from “Thou Art So Like a Flower”


“The wonder of Melissa’s poetry is that so many narratives reaped from obscurity and antiquity can be so moving to a contemporary audience. You don’t need to be an art historian or a music scholar to appreciate this work. You just need to love poetry.”    David Carpenter, Writer & Editor

“A Most Beautiful Deception indeed, to write poetry of this calibre is always a deception of sorts. The tapestry of misdirection. It’s the same with the best magicians.”     Michael Dennis, Poet & Reviewer

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